Four Reasons to Buy Your Grad a Dirty Dunk

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With graduation season upon us, finding the perfect gift for your grad can be a challenge. It doesn't have to be though! Here are four reasons why the Dirty Dunk is the perfect addition to any dorm room.

1. Makes laundry fun
Unfortunately, many incoming freshmen will be doing their own laundry for the first time in their lives. A Dirty Dunk will make this new chore fun and easier for them to do. And since the Dirty Dunk hangs on the door, your grad will never forget to do their laundry!

2. Saves space in dorm
Most dorms have the same fault: they lack valuable space. Because the Dirty Dunk is designed to hang on a door, it will never take up valuable floor space. Your grad can use that added space for all sorts of fun activities!


This Dirty Dunk's home is a dorm room at the College of Charleston.

3. Encourages college student to pick up after themselves
After a long day of class, the last thing your grad wants to do is deal with dirty laundry. Make their life a little easier by providing them with a fun and entertaining way to do a boring chore. Simply hang, shoot and score!

4. Use it to show off school pride
Unlike traditional laundry hampers, Dirty Dunks are meant to be seen. Show off your school pride by covering your Dirty Dunk with your school’s stickers. You can even add a coat of paint – just don’t get caught by your RA!


Purchase your Dirty Dunk today!

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