The Dunk Collection + The Mark Cuban Collection

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After four months and gallons of coffee, we’re happy to announce our inclusion in Amazon’s newest Exclusives category, the Mark Cuban Collection.

The collection is part of Amazon’s Exclusives program which was first introduced in March 2015 and features one-of-a-kind products exclusive to Amazon.

The Mark Cuban Collection is a subset of the Amazon Exclusives program that features up-and-coming products that billionaire-investor Mark Cuban has invested in. Many of which have been featured on the ABC hit television show, Shark Tank.

The Mark Cuban Collection will feature The Dunk Collection’s flagship product, the Dirty Dunk over-the-door basketball hoop laundry hamper.

In addition to the Dirty Dunk, the Mark Cuban Collection will feature products from the following companies:


  1. Tower Paddle Boards
  2. Power Practical
  3. NutsnMore
  4. Alyssa's Oatmeal Cookies
  5. Slydehand Boards
  6. Simple Sugars
  7. BottleBreacher
  8. Loliware
  9. ULace
  10. MonkeyMat
  11. GameDay Couture NBA Collection
  12. RRiveter
  13. DUDE Products
  14. Combat Flip Flops
  15. EchoValleyMeats

Head over to the Mark Cuban Collection on Amazon Exclusives to check out the cool and innovative products for yourself!

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