5 Reasons why the Document Dunk is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift!

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1. Because he already has enough ties

Seriously, he has way more than enough and nothing says last minute gift like a tie from Banana Republic.

2. Great price and Fast Delivery!

Make sure to use our promo code "FATHERSDAY" to receive 20% off the hottest fathers day gift of 2016! We pride ourselves on our fast order turnover time so if you get your order in by 3pm CST we promise to have your father's day gift out that same day! 

3. He'll be the MVP of his office!

Your All-Star dad have tons fun swishin' his trash balls into his new Document Dunk and the whole office will be envious and want to play! What better way to decide whose buying lunch than a quick game of HORSE?!

4. He won't see it coming!

Dads are so used to getting the last second gift (as mentioned above in the tie example) and doing what they do best, which is making their loved ones feel like they did a good job. Your awesome dad will be shocked when you hand him such a unique and awesome gift. The look on his face will be priceless!

5. It helps keep his workspace clean

Your dad will be having so much fun using his Document Dunk that he won't even notice his work space is 2x cleaner than usual. He will appreciate the unexpected extra space and will be more productive than ever! 

**Click here to get the Document Dunk for your All-Star dad and make sure to use promo code "FATHERSDAY" for 20% off!

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