8 Reasons to Get a Dirty Dunk This Holiday Season

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Why Dirty Dunk?

The Dirty Dunk laundry hamper is a must-have this 2019 holiday season for a multitude of different reasons. The Dirty Dunk will not only make your kid clean their room, it will look great too. The Dirty Dunk will not only look great in your kid’s room, it will have him or her cleaning their room all on their own while they think they’re playing a game. The Dirty Dunk brings friends and family together by turning daily chores into fun and exciting competition among siblings. No product on the market matches the Dirty Dunk’s high-quality construction and vibrant NBA-Licensed Backboards.

Tired of doing laundry? Switch out the Dirty Dunk’s included laundry net with the Dirty Dunk standard net and trade your dirty socks for a ball and swish, that’s two! The Dirty Dunk makes a great addition to any bedroom, dorm room, office, game room, or any other room with a door.

Dive deeper into this article and see why the NBA and national retailers including Target, CVS, Walmart, Wayfair, Fanatics, NBA Store have added the Dirty Dunk to their Holiday 2019 product lineups.


1. Your Kid Will Clean Their Room on Their Own

The most common review we receive on the Dirty Dunk is from parents who have consistently tried to get their children to pick up after themselves with no success. They say that the Dirty Dunk has made their kids clean their room on their own because it turns the boring chore into a fun game.


2. Vibrant Colors Bring a Fun Vibe to Any Environment 

The Dirty Dunk is more than just a laundry hamper, it’s a statement that instantly adds character to any boring old room. The vibrant backboard designs look great in any environment and will always draw your kids (or your own) attention to shoot and score those dirty clothes away to a clean floor.


3. Brings Family and Friends Together and Strengthens Bonds

Some of our favorite feedback we hear from our customers is that the Dirty Dunk tightened the bonds between the parents and their children and teens. This is not only because parents don’t have to be the bad guy anymore but because it gives parents a way to play/spend time with their kids in a way that is fun for everyone and is productive in the growth of the family. It helps parents teach kids that chores don’t always have to be boring and kids will feel the gratification of accomplishment, a clean room and happy parents.


4. High Quality and Built to Last

One characteristic that is indisputable is that the Dirty Dunk is the highest quality and best build over the door basketball hoop on the market. If you do a comparison with other options out there, you’ll find that they all pale in comparison to the Dirty Dunk. The pre-assembled door hooks are made of strong metal and have padding on the insides, so they do not scratch the door. We use a real metal rim that easily slides into the door socket that is built to hold two loads of laundry at a time. The nylon net is very life like and the drawstring at the bottom makes it easy to empty and bring to the laundry room.


5. Bonus Net Makes the Hoop Fun for All Ages

For those who love the design and artistic/decorative appeal of the product but don’t want to use it for its laundry function, we have something for you. We now offer a Standard Basketball Net as an add on. This way you can choose between using the product for laundry or simply to have fun and take shots from around the bedroom, office or man cave!


6. Price Point Trumps All Other Hoops

So now that you know that the quality tops all other over the door hoops out there, you may be surprised to learn that the price point is equal to lower than other options as well. YES YOU CAN HAVE BOTH. There’s truly no reason to choose another hoop over the Dirty Dunk.


7. Buying Opportunity with Holiday Discounts

Don’t miss out on a good opportunity to buy this wonderful product. Throughout the rest of the holiday season, is offering 20% off all products. This sale ends after the holiday so don’t look back and regret not buying at the lower price when you kid comes to you asking why his or her friend got a Dirty Dunk when he or she didn’t and you have to get one at the standard price.


8. Shipping Speed and Other Places to Purchase 

If you are worried about the Dirty Dunk not getting to your front porch in time for the holiday or birthday, know that we have a state of the art fulfillment system that get all orders out the same day if received before 12pm CST and next day if received after. Our warehouse is located in centrally located Dallas, Tx and shipping times are never over 3 days as long as there are no winter storms affecting UPS. You can also purchase from Amazon, Fanatics, Wayfair, or if you have accounts set up with them and would feel more at ease purchasing from them. You can also pick up a NBA licensed Dirty Dunk in Target stores if you are in the market for a last second holiday or birthday gift! 

There are endless reasons to give the Dirty Dunk a shot so put a smile on your kids face (and your own) and give the gift of a clean room this year. Find out why the Dirty Dunk is trusted by thousands of happy customers and the best national retailers in the USA. You’ll be happy you did.

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