Basketball: 101

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Now that Madness is here, we thought we would create a guide for those who may not know much about basketball but would like to be able to follow the tournament.


Basketball was first played in 1891 when Dr. James Naismith nailed peach baskets to the balconies at each end of the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School (now Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts). (Source)


  • March Madness follows 68 qualifying NCAA teams as they compete in multiple elimination rounds, eventually coming down to the "Final Four" teams.
  • Basketball is a team sport comprised of two five-man teams each trying to score in the other team's basket.
  • The ball is moved down the court toward the basket by passing or dribbling.
  • The team with the ball is called the offense. The team without the ball is called the defense.
  • The defense tries to steal the ball, contest shots, steal and deflect passes, and acquire rebounds. 
  • When a team makes a basket, they score two points and the ball goes to the other team.



We hope this was a helpful basic rundown for those who needed a refresher on the topic.

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