College Dorm Room Tips and Must Haves

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We all know that going into freshman year of college can be scary; it’s a new environment and you are now on your own. I know when I went off to college I didn’t really know what to expect, bring, or how to handle this new chapter of my life. I was going to be living in a dorm and had no idea what I would need or wouldn’t need. That being said, here are some tips, tricks, and must haves for you college dorm room.

In my case, my roommate and I coordinated with our theme of the room. This was something that I really enjoyed because not only was it fun to do, it made our room feel more like home. Your dorm room will also look more appealing if both sides of the room are not completely different color schemes – and who doesn’t want the best looking room in your dorm.

Another great way to make your dorm feel like home is by having personal pictures around your area of the room. Waking up in a new place and then seeing pictures of your friends, family, and loved ones will definitely help ease the anxious feeling of being on your own.

Great ways to help maximize space in your closet include not taking all your clothes to school with you at once. Just bring clothes according to what season it is that way you wont have to jam pack your small closet. Also, use a tall and narrow laundry hamper rather than a short and wide one so it won’t take up as much floor space.        

You’re going to want to make sure you always keep up with your dirty clothes by putting them in the hamper as soon as you’re done with them. This will keep your room looking very tidy because the room is so small. I know picking up your laundry is not all that fun so spice it up with a Dirty Dunk, that way you can make a game out of it and it wont be such a task.

As for storage, which is normally very limited, clear plastic drawers to fit under your bed I found worked best. This way you can see what is in each drawer and it can fit where it is not in the way. I also put one of these in the bottom of my closet. They are very lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space which is why they are perfect for dorm rooms.

Desk storage is also very important, a great idea for inside your desk drawer is to get an organizing tray or even a kitchen utensil tray and put it in the drawer. This is so that you can neatly place your supplies such as paper clips, staples, pens/pencils, etc. in a drawer without them flying all around when opening and closing it.

Being organized is such an important thing especially for your first year of college. Everything is new and at a different pace than high school. There are going to be a lot more information given to you at one time but on the other hand there won’t be homework due every night. The downside to this is that you are going to have to remember when these assignments are due because your professors typically wont remind you. I recommend getting a great planner that you like and has an appealing look because then you will be more likely to use it. Time management is key and a planner will help with that.

One of the most important tips I have for you regards your bedding. Dorm beds are fairly small and not all that comfortable so I recommend getting a mattress topper of some sort to make it feel more like your actual bed. This made a huge difference to me because I felt more comfortable in my dorm bed because it reminded more of my bed at home after I put the mattress pad on.

Lastly, if you are out shopping for things you are going to need before you head off think about what you’re buying. If the item is big, bulky, and hard to pack think if you are able to get it when you get to school and if you are just go ahead and wait and buy it there.

All in all, I know the thought of heading to college can be scary and knowing what to pack doesn’t make it easier. Try not to let it stress you out and start early, doing a little packing at a time. Don’t bring things you wont need because it’s better to have less than more in a dorm room – as long as you don’t leave out your everyday items. If you find yourself not using things, what I did was bring them back home at Thanksgiving/Christmas break or anytime you can get yourself back home. This is also a great time to bring things back to school with you that you find yourself wishing you had.

If you have any questions on certain things you need to bring, organizational tips, or would like anymore college advice please feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter, we would love to hear from you!


-Tatum Taylor
College Student
The Dunk Collection Marketing Intern


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