Four Ways to get your Kids to Enjoy Baths

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For some children, bath time can often times be more of a battle than it needs to be. Here are four ways to make bath time less of a chore and more enjoyable!

Get Excited!

If you pretend that bath time is the most fun thing ever, chances are, your child will agree. Like Pavlov's dog, turn bath time into something your children can look forward to.



Bubble baths were a staple of many people’s childhoods and for a good reason, they’re fun! Add bubbles for a magical bath time experience. (Don't forget the rubber duck!)

Rainbow Bubbles Galore!

Similar to seltzer tablets, Fizzy Bath Tablets are a fun alternative to bubble baths. They also change the color of the water! Just be sure not to drink the water!


Bath Time = Play Time

Bath toys are one of the easiest solutions for parents looking to make bath time more appealing for their children. One of our favorite bath toys is our very own Scrub-A-Dunk bathtub basketball hoop for baby ballers. Not only is it super fun, it features a sponge ball that can be used for scrubbing and shooting! Bath time will never be boring again with a Scrub-A-Dunk!


So if you’re looking for ways to make your child’s bath time less of a chore, follow these simple tips and you’re sure to have a blast while scrubbing down!

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