Holiday Gift Ideas for Basketball Players

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Holiday season is upon us! We are so excited to start our shopping but know that it can be a crazy time and you might not know what to get your loved one. We put together a holiday gift guide for you so that you don’t have to stress during this holiday season. Here are 9 perfect gifts for this holiday season:

1. Performance basketball socks- these Nike Elite Quick Crew NBA socks come all different colors and can be perfect for anyone. They are great stocking stuffers and cater to your foot with comfort but don’t lack style.

Check them out here for only $22.00!

2. NBA 2K18 for XBOX or PS4- this is the newest NBA game that your kids will love. They can play as their favorite team and even their favorite player. Even the NBA players play this game as themselves!

Buy it here for only $45.00!

3. Scrub-A-Dunk- Don't know what to get your little one? This is the perfect gift to make bath time more fun and turn your little one into a superstar! Just stick it to the bathtub wall and have them shooting hoops in no time.


Go get your little one a Scrub-A-Dunk here for only $9.99!

4. NBA Knit Beanie- as the weather is getting colder it’s a great idea to get your loved one a knit beanie of their favorite basketball team. They will look great while staying warm.

Get this beanie for only $20.00 here!

5. Dirty Dunk- the over the door basketball hoop laundry hamper for a fun time cleaning. Your basketball fanatic will not feel like they are doing chores with this product because of its fun purpose of shooting your laundry into the basketball hoop!

Head here to grab your Dirty Dunk for only $34.99!

6. Double Shot Arcade System- Love a little competition? Grab this arcade game and you and a friend can go head to head and see who can make more baskets.

Find it here for $92.99!

7. Big Book of WHO Basketball- this gift is for the ones who love to read about basketball and know all the facts about their favorite players past, present, and future.

Check it out here for $13.24!

8. Document Dunk- this is the perfect gift for those who want to compete in the corporate arena. Turn cleaning your office into a game with the Document Dunk by turning your trash can into a basketball hoop. This gift if perfect for anybody in any office and is a great gift this holiday season!

Check it out here for only $24.99!

9. Desktop Basketball- Know someone who loves to have a little fun while they work? Desktop basketball is great for the office because it is miniature so it’ll fit perfectly on your desk!

Find it here for only $5.92!

Don’t stress this holiday season on what to get your basketball fan. If you have any great gift ideas you want to share with us that you love, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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