Olympics 101: History of Olympic Basketball

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The 2016 Summer Olympics begin this Friday in the exotic city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where athletes from around the world will compete for their respective countries in a series of games that goes all the way back to ancient Greece.

For many fans (including ourselves), Olympic basketball is the highlight event of the Summer Olympic games. So, in honor of our favorite sport, we decided we'd give our fans a brief history lesson about olympic basketball.

Basketball made its Olympic debut at the Berlin Olympics in 1936, and has been on the program at every edition since. Women’s basketball was included on the Olympic program for the first time at the Summer Olympics in 1976 in Montreal. 

1924: Basketball becomes optional sport.

1930: Basketball added to “athletic games” from among which the Organizing Committee could choose.

1935: Basketball approved for 1936 Berlin games.

1949: Proposal rejected to make basketball obligatory sport.

1955: Women's basketball rejected.

1965: Women's basketball rejected again.

1972: Women's basketball approved.

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