Secret Santa Gift Guide: Office Edition

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Were you unfortunate enough to be paired with Carl, that guy in IT that smells like onions for your office's mandatory secret santa gift exchange? If so, we've got you covered!


Document Dunk

This list wouldn't be complete without our very own Document Dunk trashcan basketball hoop. It makes the perfect gift for students to executives. Turn your cubicle into the corner office you deserve!


Boogie Board eWriter

This neat little desk gadget lets you write on its e-ink surface and erases with the push of a button. We are living in the future!

OrgaNice Newton’s Cradle

Cliché or classic? It doesn't matter. The Newton's Cradle desk toy is the perfect escape from your cubicle!


Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

For a bibliophile, there's no greater pleasure than sharing books, but no crueler pain than losing them for good. The Knock Knock Personal Library Kit enables book lovers everywhere to lend out their books without the fear of losing track of who has them.


KOVOT Mini Wooden Tabletop Bowling Game

Unless you work at a bowling alley, you probably can't bowl at work. With this neat little gadget, not only can you bowl at the office, you can do it at your desk!


Ticket Stub Diary

Ticket stubs are fun to save but organizing them is a pain. The Ticket Stub Diary is the perfect solution for any music lover on your shopping list this year!



Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder

Dinosaurs are awesome. Memo holders are not. Make your desk as ferocious as your alter-ego with this dinosaur memo-holder. Rawr.


Grilled Cheese Toaster Bags

Grilled cheese sandwiches are easy to make but often times very messy. These grilled cheese toaster bags will ensure your cheese stays where it's supposed to.



You're not dreaming. This is a real product and IT IS AWESOME!


Do you have a go-to gift for workplace secret santa exchanges? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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