Six Clever Ways to Get Your Kids to do Chores

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Chores are an inevitable part of life that only accumulate as we age so it is crucial that you teach your child the importance as well as value of doing chores. Not only will it help their self-esteem, but it will also instill good habits that will follow them through life.


With that said, here are six clever ways to take the “chore” out of chores.



Track Progress Using Chore Charts

Many parenting experts recommend that parents use a chore chart to help their children track their daily responsibilities. The chart not only helps kids remember what they need to do, but it also shows boosts their self-esteem by showing them what they have done.


Establish A Rewards System

Although some experts urge parents not to reward children for doing household chores, others feel that rewarding children for doing their chores can be a good way to introduce them to the concept of commerce. Explain to your children that chores are like a job and that they will be compensated for their hard work.


Don’t Turn Chores into Punishment:

Regardless of the parenting method you uphold, it is important that your child understands chores are not a punishment, but rather a newfound "responsibility" that makes them one step closer to being a "big kid."


Escape from Momtanamo Bay

While it isn't the cruelest tactic (see below), some children need a little extra motivation to pick up after themselves. The next time your child leaves toys strewn across the floor like a war zone, put the toys in "toy jail" and only allow them to come out once another chore has been completed. This not only reinforces good organization skills, but also acts as a good motivator for one to complete their other chores.


If All Else Fails, Lock Down Their WiFi

Drastic times call for drastic measures, and when all else fails, this will turn your kids into the hardest working kids on the block.


Turn Laundry into a Game

This list wouldn't be complete without our signature product, the Dirty Dunk over-the-door basketball hoop laundry hamper. The Dirty Dunk is the ultimate way to get kids (and adults) to pick up their dirty laundry off the floor. Simply hook the Dirty Dunk over any standard-size door and shoot away. Take that, chores!


Do you have your own ways of motivating your children to do chores? Let us know!

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