Six Household Tips to Get Ready for Fall

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Although many of us are ready to embrace the Fall, many of our homes aren't there yet. Here are six helpful ideas for getting your home ready for Fall.

1. Donate children’s clothing that they will outgrow by next summer

If your child is young, donating their clothes from the previous season is often a great way to make room for the new season's styles!

2. Trim any excess tree branches – they could fall with snow

Snow is heavy and trimming excess branches off trees can be the difference between a snowy morning and a snowing morning with a tree branch in your living room.

3. Check for drafts around doors and windows

Stopping cold drafts from entering from under doors is an easy way to keep your home warm as well as energy efficient!

4. Hire a professional to check your furnace

Your furnace will get a lot of wear and tear during the winter so it's a good idea to make sure it's up for the job.

5. Throw out decorations that are broken or unused


Some people hold on to old, broken, or unused holiday decorations. If this is the case, throw them out and replace them or enjoy a little extra room in your storage closet.


Once your home is as prepared for Fall as you are, have yourself some hot apple cider and enjoy the crisp Autumn air!

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