The Idiot's Guide to Spring Cleaning

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Today is the first day of spring so naturally you're probably already excited for spring cleaning. If not, here are ten easy steps you can try today in an effort to becoming the spring cleaning guru you were born to be!


 Open for Business

Begin by opening every window in your house - fresh air does wonders to a house that's been closed up all winter. This is also a good time to remove all sheets and linens from the beds in your house and throw them in the wash.


Start small, think big!

Organizing your closet is the first step to organizing the rest of your home. Start by donating unworn clothing and accessories. Put the rest of your winter clothes in storage.



Just like your closets, start by cleaning out any unused or expired food items from your pantry and refrigerator. This will give you ample room for all of the fresh produce that will be available at your local market in the coming months.

Don't forget to disinfect your countertops using a 2% bleach solution.


Goodbye, Dust.

Using a duster (we like Swiffer), dust the tops of your ceiling fan blades. This will remove any dust buildup that may have accumulated on your fans during the winter months. Be sure to dust all cabinets, shelves, baseboards, and other things that gather dust as well.


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! 


(be more like this guy)

After a thorough dusting, excess dust will have probably fallen on the floor. Now it's time to fire up the vacuum and show that dust who's boss!



If you don't regularly clean your bathroom like a normal human being, now would be the ideal time to clean out that as well. Start with the toilet and end with the floor. A 2% bleach solution should be used to disinfect any dirty surfaces.


Dirty Clothes on the floor? Not anymore!

If your kids won't participate in spring cleaning with you, entice them with their very own Dirty Dunk laundry hamper!


Messy office? We can fix that!

Originally designed for those who compete in the corporate arena, the Document Dunk trashcan basketball hoop is the perfect addition to any home office!




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