The Many Uses of a Fidget Spinner - Other Than Play

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Does your kid play with his or her fidget spinner all day? Do you want to put that spinning to good use? Here are some hacks to get your child to use their spinner for education not just play.

Remember those troublesome timed multiplication tables you used to do as a kid in school? Get your child to love working on them by incorporating their fidget spinner. Use the spinner as a timer and see how many multiplication problems they can get done until the spinner stops. Combining something familiar and fun with homework will give your child more of an incentive to want to learn.

Does your kid like to leave their dirty clothes on the bedroom floor? Spin their spinner as fast as you’d like and see if they can clean up all their clothes before the spinner stops. Try giving them more of a challenge by using a Dirty Dunk basketball hoop laundry hamper to see how many of their dirty clothes they can make into the laundry basket.

Get your kid up and active with their spinner by having them choose their workout move of choice. Spin the spinner and see how many push-ups, sit-up, etc. they can do before time runs out. Kids love a good competition so they wont even feel like they are working out but little do they know you have them burning those calories while having a great time!

Ready to step up your court skills? Start your spinner and get your free throw shot ready. Challenge your kid to see how many free throw shots they can make before time runs out. You can even get in on the action and try and beat your kid. This is a great way to get your kid outside and playing with something they love.

Overall, these are the best ways we found to combine something your kid loves with an educational or active twist. Get up and get active and put those beloved spinners to good use!

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