The Most Unfortunate NBA Jerseys of All Time

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For most NBA teams, their choice of jerseys is a reflection of their awesomeness but not so much for the following teams. Here are some of our favorite on-court fashion faux pas.


Rumor has it that the checkered pattern made the players too fast to compete within NBA guidelines.


If GI Joe played basketball, he'd probably wear something similar to these Toronto Raptors uniforms. Ten hut!


It's a little-known fact that when they aren't playing basketball, many of the New York Knicks players moonlight as traffic cones as seen in the photo below.


The San Antonio Spurs actually had to discontinue using these jerseys as nobody in the stadium could see them due to their camouflaging capabilities.


Those sleeves...


The Gold Standard.



These jerseys are straight out of a 90s Nickelodeon cartoon...



Another throwback from the 90s, except this time with cacti.


















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