The New Nike NBA Wardrobe

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Basketball season is starting very soon and we couldn’t be more excited! The NBA has come up with a new and exciting wardrobe for us to see. Nike and the NBA have partnered and created some awesome statement jerseys for each team, a connect jersey, and a new warm up jacket for the players.

Not all fans will notice the statement jersey due to the teams keeping their design the same. On the other hand, teams such as the Warriors, Cavs, Nuggets, Pacers, and many more have a noticeable design change.

Nike has changed the armhole, neck, and side seems to accommodate for the style of playing required. The players usually run about 4 miles per game but that is broken up into very short bursts. Nike took this into account and designed a more flowing jersey to make these movements more natural.

Nike also unveiled a new warm up jacket for the players. This is the first ever warm up jacket to have a hood on it. Again, Nike took into account the feedback from the players that stated they wanted a combination of style and performance in their gear. This hoodie is going to keep players at the right temperature on the court during warm ups and during time they are on the bench not playing.

The last thing Nike unveiled, and our most favorite, is the new Connect jersey. This jersey will have a chip imbedded in it to show real time content such as pregame footage, highlights, and even some of the top players favorite music playlists. All you have to do is purchase your favorite players connect jersey, download the NikeConnect app and select the jersey you bought, and then you are connected to the player of the jersey you purchased.

Nike did an awesome job creating this new wardrobe for the NBA and we cannot wait to see these items on the court very soon.

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