Our Story

Yeah,  we’re that hit product from the 80s that you or your parents had hanging on your door or  chillin’ under your trashcan. You may remember us from being featured in flicks such as Rocky and Boyz n tha Hood or tv shows like Roseanne! Back then we were operating under the company name Charlico and sold to big retailers like Sears, Toys R Us, Walmart and Target.  We evened named NBA licensee of the year. All of these products were invented by a 24-year-old SMU 60’s kid named Charlie, originally drawn on a beer stained napkin at a college bar. Who knew these products would become a household name in a matter of  a few years and sell over 1,000,000 units at rapid rate, only to just come crashing down due to knock offs and patent law suits.
 Thirty some odd years later, my dad, the Charlie mentioned in the history lesson above and I were hanging out my senior year of college at The University of Arizona. We decided to take a stroll around the internet Googling the old Charlico products to see if any were for sale online. Well it turns out, there was… and  they were  selling for over $100 each in nostalgia stores. We also found forums of people asking what ever happened to the Dirty Dunk and if there are any retailers carrying  the  product anymore. This is the moment the idea of The Dunk Collection came to be. One thing we knew is that we couldn’t make a dinky cheapo product as there  were already a few cheap laundry basketball hoops out there that break as soon the clothes hit the rim.  Or their  rim isn’t big enough for clothes to land in in the first place... No, we had to be different! How did we do this? By making our products of such high quality that no competitor would dare to copy because the raw material expense kill their profit margins at their cheap price points. Sure, our hoop may be a little more expensive but at least it will last  our great customors many years longer rather than break after first use. Since that day, we have grown to become a trusted vendor  to over 200+ store fronts. We’ve built a strong online presence and have a lot of new products and tricks up our sleeve that we look forward to unveiling in the coming months! So stay tuned!
Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn a little more about The Dunk Collection! We look forward to supplying all of your household product and gifting needs.
Mission Statement: The Dunk Collection is about family fun and having its products in every bedroom, dorm room, office and bathroom in America.  We provide high quality basketball inspired products to sports minded families seeking exciting and entertaining ways to combat the mundane chores of laundry, trash and bathing. We define our premium experience through our products, our presentation, our customer service and our extraordinary people.